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"Working with Heather has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Her depth of perception, combined with her wide ranging life experience, have made her the perfect guide to help me realize my dreams."- Annelise R

Northwestern Faculty of the Game Teaching Award Recipient for Most Impactful Professor at Northwestern University,

Professor Heather Aranyi

  • Phenomenal Coach 

  • Award Winning Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • The only person in the United States selected to represent the United States in two categories at the World Expo in Dubai 

  • Ambassador and Advisor, Buffett Institute for Global Affairs at Northwestern University

  • Co-lead and founding researcher, The Music, Trauma, and the Breath Global Working Group sponsored by the Buffett Institute for Global Affairs

  • Ordained Clergy

Heather accepts a limited number of private clients. Please fill out the below form if you would like more information.

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